Duan Coetzee

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person! 

Date: 01 May 2019


Duan Coetzee will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Duan  a new and upcoming singer has been singing since he was 9 years old. He has written three songs, two of them is named.  "Lorna Ley " and  "Ek kom terug " His new single was written by Morne van der Sandt , "Ek gaan jou vang" that has played on Radio Hosa and Springbok Radio’s  Top 20. It is also on Youtube.

He shared the stagge and did pre shows for famous artists.

Participated in superstars and went through to top 30. Participated in Idols 2017. Dropped out in round 3 . After that, an interview was held with him on Jacaranda


Fanus Pienaar


The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!


Date: 04 May 2019


Fanus Pienaar will be performing from 14h00-16h00!

Fanus Pienaar is an afrikaans singer and songwriter who made his name with his songs Bloubul Hart and Luister Na Jou Hart. At 32 years of age this artist has performed with all of the biggest names in the afrikaans music industry earning respect of his fellow artists and fans as far as he goes. His warm, gentle and energetic personality ads to his excellent and quality performances all over South Africa. He was signed with HIT Records who released his first full album in 2012 with his hit single “Luister Na Jou Hart” as title of the album. Luister Na Jou Hart has earned top 10 status on most local radio stations.These days Fanus is an independent artist and with the co-writing on Vincent Gordon’s album “ASEM” decided to once again to bring out one of his own hits pending a whole new album due in time with new singles “Vir My Land” and “Rigting Na Jou Hart” already available on itunes, google play and apple music.

Juandre Marais

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 05 May 2019


Juandre Marais will be performing from 14h00-16h00!

Patience, perseverance, hard work and integrity are the four pillars on which the tall bearded man, Juandre Marais, builds his career in the music industry. Juandre is energetic, yet mature and delivers renditions of well-known chart toppers, classics as well as original songs.

His music is already played nationwide on radio stations and songs like Kyk hoe val die reen, Lalie, Meer and Vir my is daar net jy has spent significant time on the charts. All of these songs also have music videos that regularly plays on music channels. Juandre Marais is full of musical variety and boasts songs ranging from powerful, radio-friendly country rock music to hot dance sounds and a secret or two.

Juandre is an avid songwriter, and has co-written and collaborated with a few local artists like Jennifer Zamudio, Marno van der Merwe and Ernie Bates to name a few. Juandre Marais bought his first guitar when he was 16 and has never looked back. Music is what he dreams, eats and sleeps.

The more music he hears, the more he wants to make music, and the bigger the hunger of his own quest for success. Juandre Marais: An unique young man who definitely won't disappear between faint and imaginative sounds!




Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 08 May 2019


Eunice will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

The 23-year-old Eunice was only 6 years old when she first stood on a stage. When she won the Dros Idols they got it knew she could still reach high altitudes. When she won the Dros Idols they got it knew she could still reach high altitudes. In 2015, she went to nationwide auditions by Son Records as one of the four singers selected for the Afrikaans Reload Album nominated for 3 Ghoemas in 2016. Eunice's processing some  of the songs "Die Gang" and "I long for you" are regularly recorded and played on some well-known radio stations like RSG and GrootFM heard. She was also appear on Jukebox and sing aswell quite often at Weiveld.



The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 11 May 2019


DZL will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

This is not something you come across on a daily basis; two singers who are also acclaimed models. Andries Potgieter and Wiaan Fourie first sang together in September 2014 after Wiaan had to stand in for Andries’ usual guitar player. Shortly afterwards they were signed by a record label and their debut album, DZL, launched in May 2016. The album, a mix of pop, country and rock, achieved massive success and was also nominated for a Kyknet Ghoema for Best Country Album. The duo also received a nomination for the Public’s Choice for Duo/Group. Now they are back with a new album, Realiteit, which launched in music stores in April 2018. While they stuck to their winning recipe, they also included songs about their journey in lifel the ups and the downs. The album will find resonance with young and old across various genres.


Dirk van der Westhuizen

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 12 May 2019


Dirk van der Westhuizen will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

If you have ever felt that you love someone but can't put your feelings into words, artist Dirk van der Westhuizen's brand new single piece, Net So (Mmm), is just for you! This contemporary dance song from the award-winning author Johan Oberholzer is about being in love with someone, but not having the right words to describe the feeling within you. "Many times people happen to love each other, but they just don't have the words to describe how they feel" says Dirk. He wants to convey a positive feeling through his music. He also expands: "I want my music to make people feel happy and realize that each one is unique and wonderful."

Gideon Hunter

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 18 May 2019


Gideon Hunter will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Gideon Hunter is a Young , talented and energetic musician and singer with a passion for music and people. With his deep rich voice , his guitar and his entertaining stage personality, he gets the crowd on their feet, singing along and enjoying the show. Gideon can sing a variety of music genres including Country , Afrikaans, Rock 'n Roll , Golden oldies and more. Gideon is currently working on an Afrikaans album and has recently released a musicvideo of his first Afrikaans single “Die Hart van'n man” on youtube. His live performances will have you sing along , dancing, laughing and having fun.

Christiaan Baartman (The Voice SA 3)

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 19 May 2019


Christiaan Baartman will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

With more than 16 years' experience in the music industry, a distinct voice and ample talent, Christiaan Baartman & guitarist Johny Late make up “Bearded Man Band”. Their ability to wake-up & shake-up any crowd with a wide variety of classics, unforgettable originals & stage personality to match has earned them the nick name “party starters”. Bearded Man Band boasts a staggering 200 performances each year.
With a background in Jazz/Blues, Christiaan has the ability to put a modern charm on old-school favourites.
Reminisce about your life-changing events with classics including: “500 Miles, Bad Moon Rising, Brown Eye Girl, I’m A Believer, Budapest, Don’t Stop Believing, Faith, Gambler, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, Sound of
Silence, Ain’t No Sunshine, Boxer, Cecilia and Sugar Man”. Christiaan is on a mission to experience music at grass-roots level in different countries. He is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSA) and visits Nashville, Tennessee, USA each year to attend the NSA conference and experience the best that the international artists have to offer. Get your party started with Bearded Man Band!

Ruan Tennant

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 25 May 2019


Ruan Tennant will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

After school Ruan started to sing on big stages and made some name for himself in his home town
Ruan have done a lot of competitions like idols where he reached top 30 and supersterre and The voice
Ruan is busy with is first full studio album
Ruan’s first single WYS MY dis very good and the beat of the song makes you want to move and dance
With his second single LANGSAAN MY and both of the music videos plays a lot on KYKNET
Ruan is a passionate artist with a hunger to making music.
He sheared a stage with big names like Jakkie Louw , Izak Davel , Bobby Van Jaarsveld , Andriette Norman , Nadine , Jay , Lee Scott ,and so on .
Who is Ruan Tennant
Passion for music
Hobby’s is making music and go to the movies
Easy going guy
Love Sushi
Love the colour Green and Grey
Ruan is someone you want to get to know
Ruan’s motto in life is - If you find a reason to love and to smile you are very rich
Ruan Tennant is here to stay .

Maverix Music Showcase

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 26 May 2019


Maverix Musiek Showcase will be performing from 10h00-16h00! 

Maverix Musiek has been a reputable Music Agency for 22 years already, our available Artist talent are ranging from very well known and establish names to new and upcoming artists alike.

We strive to deliver our clientele with the best entertainment and value for money at all times, therefor we would like to showcase just some of our wonderful talent all over South Africa by the means of the “Maverix Musiek Showcase” concerts and invite the public and clientele to come and join us in this spectacular event and see what we have to offer as a music company.


Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 01 June 2019


Skemer will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

This dynamic duo started singing together in November, 2017 when they first met on facebook.  They decided to do a collaboration of their voices as they both had been searching for a singing partner for a very long time. Their journey as a duo started right after they recorded their first cover song.

Armand and Andrea lives for their music and love performing live. They are extremely energetic and entertaining on stage. This duo is definitely on their way to bigger things.  In a very short time since they started singing together they have been performing at schools, festivals, restaurants and also opened the stage for the international band Prime Circle. They are also in the process of releasing their very first single called “Sê dit harder” .

Zita Pretorius

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 02 June 2019


Zita Pretorius will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Zita Pretorius has currently been active in the entertainment industry for over 8 years.
Classically and commercially trained, the brand “Zita Pretorius” has become a household name,
especially within the Afrikaans Market. As an award nominated vocalist with four highly
successful commercial album recordings under bet belt, she decided to make the transition
into the classical, opera and musical theatre scene. She has recently released her long awaited,
brand new singles “Hoekom maak jou soene seer” and “Bregin Weer”.
ZITA was invited to form part of the Gauteng Opera Company as a soloist and she made her
appearance as part of this Company in various opera and other productions, amongst others,
"L'elisir D'amore" and "Cula Msanzi". On stage, she was also seen as Lilly in "Cradle under the
Shade", Nornia in "Don Pasquale" and Muzetta in Puccini's challenging "La Bohemè". ZITA took
her bow as Katerina in the 2017 production of the ever-popular Afrikaans Musical, "Houtkruis".
Her highly successful one-man show, "ZITA goes Classics" was also seen on stages such as the
Atterbury Theater. She is currently one of the presenters of China Hour on CTV, DSTV channel
263 and can be seen in the new Frans Swart production, My Oom se Vrou se Plekkie, as Saskia
Wilkinson. She will also be seen on stage at the Pretoria State Theatre as part of the cast of
Aspoestertjie later this year.
Her versatility and ability to seamlessly crossover between not only numerous musical genres,
but also as an actress, MC and motivational speaker, makes her a force to be reckoned with. 

Jaun-Piere Murphy

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 08 June 2019


Jaun-Piere Murphy will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Hello my name is Jaun Piere Murphy I was born and live in Boksburg on the East Rand. I completed my school career at Dr EG Jansen High School in 2016 thereafter I completed a course in sound engineering in Pretoria.

My interest in music was developed since my primary school days, I joined the school choir in grade 3 and then progressed to the senior school choir, during my school career I participated in various musicals. My passion for Afrikaans music started at a very young age, it thrills me to be ale to sing in my own native tongue. Icons such as Johnny Cash, Steve Homeyr, Theuns Jordaan etc. too many to mention has been such a huge inspiration to me, and I dream of being able to follow in their amaizing footsteps.

At the age of 16 I recorded my 1st Country music CD with cover songs of my favourite artists, then in 2018 I was able to record my 1st solo CD “Onthou Jy” it has already been released to the public, it is available on various music channels, radio stations etc. There are also two music videos released and available to be viewed and downloaded on Youtube, “Houtkapper” and “Onthou Jy?”.

I have been doing live performances since 2013, solo and together with various other artists such as Steve Hofmeyr, Manie Jackson, Monique Steyn, Leme, Julius Walt and Gerrie Pretorius. I was very privileged to be a part of the CANSA campaign in 2017 and did the live performance for their event held in Roodepoort. I was also part of the Infinity song competition, I Augustus 2018 I performed solo at the Heidelberg Vark Festival, and have been invited back to perform again in September 2019.

My dream is to become a well know artist and performer and in my own language be able to entertain and woo the public with my God given talent, and give back to the community something that I enjoy doing with such great passion … to be able to sing and perform.



Ivan Roux

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 09 June 2019


Ivan Roux will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

“Die Kontrak” was one of the TV Highlights is 2018. Arnold Coleske, boss of Coleske Artists said Ivan Roux is a star in his own right and got the whole South Africa talking with his brand new show, performing solo with his guitar or his full band.

Ivan’s debut album, “Daai Ding” is a feel good album and got the party going wherever it plays.

The album enjoys great sales and has been a top sale album since November 2018.

There are 10 songs on the album including hits like 54de 5de Straat, Vier Seisoene & Kinders van die Wind that form part of the album. There is also a duet with Dewald Wasserfall – Free Falling and 4 brand new songs written by Johan Oberholzer including the hit title- Daai Ding!!

Daai Ding has got more than 1000000 views on Youtube and shows his popularity.

The new single, Dis Liefde has recently gone to radio and the reaction is phenomenal. The music video will also be realised shortly.

Barry Pretorius, producer of Afrikaans is Groot said during Die Kontrak that Ivan will be performing on Afrikaans is Groot in the following years. Arnold Colekse decided that Ivan should perform the same year, still busy while shooting Die Kontrak.

Look out for the latest album and enjoy Daai Ding!!

Greunen Parker (The Voice SA 3)

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 15 June 2019


Greunen Parker will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Greunen Parker, a young Rocker Performer has toured throughout the whole of South Africa and  also various countries around the world from Sweden to most of Europe, spreading his love for music – he’s been doing the latter in competitions and performances since Grade 1 and has ever since been rocking stages all over. He has been making quite a big name for himself on the some of the biggest festivals like InniBos, Kknk, Kaboemfees and maby more aswell as radio and tv performances on Radio Pulpit, Solis vir Christus on KykNet and finally The Voice season 3 on Mnet, where he secured a spot on Riana Nell's team.


Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 16 June 2019


Snotkop will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 


Snotkop has a solid reputation of albums that want to pop their seams with punch – so much so that it should be illegal. His fresh new release, “SOUS”, is in an even higher league – stronger, more and better in every sense of the word!

 From the first beat to the last echo in the 13 tracks that the album comprises, it’s clear that this red hot, concentrated “sauce” is packed with Snotkop spice: loads of rhythm, tongue-in-cheek, more than just a bit naughty, cheeky and brave!

 There are bass lines that’ll shake anything within the same dialling code as your kuier, with a healthy dose of techno, switched with more acoustic moments and even a touch of reggae and a dash of sakkie-sakkie here and there – something that’ll be equally at home on a sokkie dance floor, in a club or at a beach party for the books.

 Most of the tracks have tons of tempo and kick, but there are also a couple that are a bit more relaxed to catch your breath… for those whose party bods still need a bit of work to get back into shape.

 The tracks on the album bear testament to a guy who knows how to have a jol and only sleeps when he really has to. It includes “Souserig”, “Kortbroek en plakkies”, “Dik in Desember”, “Dropit soos ‘n Disprin”, “Jy raas”, “Jeukerig”, “Plat plaasmatras” and “Proe soos naweek”.

 One thing is for sure: If you don’t find yourself with a massive grin slapped on your face, grooving to the tunes of this album, you’re probably listening to something else without knowing it!

 The album is now available countrywide, but be careful: if you buy this one, you’ll definitely need to invest in a bigger set of speakers, because this sauce isn’t served in small samples!

Karlien Husselman

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 17 June 2019


Karlien Husselman will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Her career started in 2005. After she took part in the first Idols competition in 2002.  She sang herself into a golden album with more then 25 000 units sold that year of 2005. 

She performed on all big festivals in South Africa.

Got nominated for awards, got number one hits on radio stations.

She released 7 albums and is still performing every chance she gets.

Kurt Darren's popular song Heidi, was coloured in by Karlien with her Yodel talent. She has been on different television programs her music plays on Kyknet.

She is a ambassador for Miracle Mienke and people with depression.

Her newest radio hits are, "Lig in jou donker" and "Verlief".

With 14 years of dedication and passion Karlien Husselman is still singing like never before. 

Her latest album "Lig in jou donker", is changing lives. 

Pedro Barbosa

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 22 June 2019


Pedro Barbosa will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Singer/songwriter Born in Maputo, Pedro discovered his love for Music at an early age but never knew this would turn out to be his career until he was 20 years old. He has done a 3 year National Diploma course in Jazz, Performance and Sound Technology. After this he went to Los Angeles where he studied for a short period of time at the well known Musicians Institute, where he studied Professional songwriting and Production.

Jacques du Plessis

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 23 June 2019


Jacques du Plessis will be performing from 14h00-16h00!

The Pretorian born artist made his entrance into the music industry in 2005 while still attending high school as part of a group called “Die Grafsteensangers”, which would later be nominated for a SAMA. The group played at all the major music festivals and prestige events all over South Africa aswell as abroad at festivals in London. 

 Later, Jacques started working with one or the highest selling artist in the afrikaans music industry, Theuns Jordaan. Jacques has since been the opening artist for Theuns Jordaan at all of his performances, being well received at each event they perform at. 

 Jacques du Plessis frequently accompanies many other big hitters as an opening act. Artist including but not limited to: Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karlien van Jaarsveld and Lianie May. Jacques also does shows with Albert de Wet and Ivan Roux (runner up of the successful talent search program, Die Kontrak) on a regular basis. Jacques is currently busy recording debut album that will take the country by storm before end of 2019. His performances consist of original compositions as well as a variety of covers of hits from across the decades to add to his already impressive repertoire.

Ruan Josh

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 29 June 2019


Ruan Josh will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Ruan Josh is a 29 year old Singer, TV Presenter, Stage actor and Businessman.  In school he participates in several competitions and productions and in 2008 he claims the award for Best Supporting Actor in the ATKV National “Tienertoneel” competition at Aardklop for the production “Reis, Vleis en Gebakte Klippe”


Deon Groot

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person!

Date: 30 June 2019


Deon Groot will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 

Deon Groot is an original songwriter and an energetic live performer all the way from Namakwaland.

His performances promise to do justice to a feel-good party vibe, suitable for young and old.

With his deep and raw voice and unique sounds, he keeps you binded throughout the show that promises to end up in a party!