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Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 16 June 2019



Snotkop will be performing from 14h00-16h00! 


Snotkop has a solid reputation of albums that want to pop their seams with punch – so much so that it should be illegal. His fresh new release, “SOUS”, is in an even higher league – stronger, more and better in every sense of the word!

 From the first beat to the last echo in the 13 tracks that the album comprises, it’s clear that this red hot, concentrated “sauce” is packed with Snotkop spice: loads of rhythm, tongue-in-cheek, more than just a bit naughty, cheeky and brave!

 There are bass lines that’ll shake anything within the same dialling code as your kuier, with a healthy dose of techno, switched with more acoustic moments and even a touch of reggae and a dash of sakkie-sakkie here and there – something that’ll be equally at home on a sokkie dance floor, in a club or at a beach party for the books.

 Most of the tracks have tons of tempo and kick, but there are also a couple that are a bit more relaxed to catch your breath… for those whose party bods still need a bit of work to get back into shape.

 The tracks on the album bear testament to a guy who knows how to have a jol and only sleeps when he really has to. It includes “Souserig”, “Kortbroek en plakkies”, “Dik in Desember”, “Dropit soos ‘n Disprin”, “Jy raas”, “Jeukerig”, “Plat plaasmatras” and “Proe soos naweek”.

 One thing is for sure: If you don’t find yourself with a massive grin slapped on your face, grooving to the tunes of this album, you’re probably listening to something else without knowing it!

 The album is now available countrywide, but be careful: if you buy this one, you’ll definitely need to invest in a bigger set of speakers, because this sauce isn’t served in small samples!