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Renè Reichert

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person! 

Date: 19 October 2019



Time: 14h00-16h00! 

With a name like Renè Gregory Reichert you would not exactly expect a South African but  

fortunately, I am proudly South African and was born and raised in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng.

I was born with music in my blood, and my dream started when I was in the Abraham Kriel Children's Home.

At the age of 7 years I was addicted to programs like “Geraas”; “Bel Boks”; “Lirieke Raai” and “Noot vir Noot”

Never have I missed one single program and afterwards I went straight to my room to practice and sing.  Danie Botha’s “Wenners” and Andre Swartz’s “Ek wil jou nooit weer sien” were two of my favorite songs.

When there was Children’s home trips to the auditorium and concerts, I was always in the front row and ready to participate. My dream became a reality and an exciting time in my life began.

During my matric year I worked in pubs and clubs as a bartender and later as a disc jockey in dance clubs because of my love for music.

I made my breakthrough in 2009 when I saw an advert on the social network Facebook from a well-known artist who was looking for a sound engineer.

I was successful in applying for the position and made use of this opportunity where I am today.

Thereafter I started writing songs for other artists whereby I decided to make a name for myself in the competitive music industry as I am very committed and excel at what I do.  I am and extrovert and a people’s person and therefore love to entertain people.

I have already released three albums.

In 2014 my first album was released titled “Bring terug jou hart” which all songs were written by me

In 2015 my second album was released which was a double album. “Merke gereed lets go” CD 1 on this album was also my own songs written by myself and CD 2 was country covers.

My third album “Net vir jou” was released in 2016 and was proudly produced by none other than the well-known producer Ferdi Skead.  This album is currently doing very well and I am planning on releasing my new album in 2018.