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Emil Struwig

Entrance: The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person! 

Date: 20 October 2019



Time: 14h00-16h00!

Award winning singer and songwriter Emil Struwig was born and raised in the small town of Tsumeb, Namibia and now finds his home in Gauteng, South Africa.  Widely known as the Michael Bublè of South Africa, Emil is much sought after for his contemporary take on the jazz classics, easy listening music and for his finger-snapping versions of crooner classics. He is currently on the preferred vendor list of several top wedding destinations across South Africa.  You and your guests will find yourselves shouting 'I LOVE this song!' and 'He sounds better than the record!' the whole way through his show!

 After realizing the understandably limited opportunities presented to him in Namibia, he moved to South Africa at the age of sixteen to start his performing and musical career in 2004. He became a full time musician spanning the industry as a singer and songwriter.  Hi repertoire includes various genres like Pop, Jazz, Swing, Urban House, and last but not least Afrikaans and even Zulu. As a solo artist he can entertain the most varied of crowds.

 With his rich vocals and melodious ability to sing just about anything and with his vast experience of the industry Emil can be a sparkling presence at any event.  Emil has performed at Sun Ci­ty, 360 Li­quid Loun­ge in Mon­te­ Ca­si­no, Back of the Moon by Gold Reef Ci­ty and Em­per­ors Pa­la­ce and has extensive knowledge of the corporate entertainment industry as well as wedding entertainment industry.