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Armand Hofmeyr

Entrance: The entrance fee is just R2 per person! 

Date: 26 April 2020


Information: Time: 14h00-16h00!

Armand Hofmeyr was born in Kroonstad, 26 August 1989
and grew up in several villages in SA
Alldays is very close to his heart. After his school career
Goodbye called, Armand joined Emendy in 2008
Music College joined to broadcast audio engineering.
Here the bug bitten him to the songs in a drawer
with the knowledge to improve.
In 2010, Armand joined him
from his own pen, made by Marius Brouwer, he takes her
very successful debut album, "Photos and Letters". In the
wonderful world of music begins in 2012 writing Armand
his second album "Rug toe Rug" which is produced again
is by Marius Brouwer, and with that Armand establishes him
forever in the hearts of his followers
2013 was a year of tours across South Africa and every little one
village is crossed and so Armand begins to get to know the people
which heightens its popularity.
It's 2014 and the long-awaited third album, produced
by Frans Staal productions, "Lekkerlyf", under management
from David Gresham Record label is finally here
Again with original cuts from his own pen
Armand for his fans fresh sounds that promise to be his
to reflect unique talent
Three hole-headed songs, which turn into your head all day, "Kitty"
One kiss "delicious" will make the feet yoke for the
dance floor
With newly created ballads like Liggies, every follower will say
at EMI and with all the cuts
My darling "," Playtime ",
For the celebrities there is also a place on the album with
cuts such as "Cold beer and hot girls", "Margate then",
"Tipsy". "To love a woman with Steve Hofmeyr is a
song that will make people laugh at their breath
Every song is
lives and writes with the innate talent of word processing
he masterpieces that are immortalized in the music industry.
Armand's energy and passion are amazing and with that
fine feelings of its fans' needs are not
surprisingly, he slowly but surely fights his way in the
music world. From his pen we go for years
joy of new works can expect.
born of a piece of Armand's daily