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Dirk van der Westhuizen (Birthday Bash)


The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person!

Date: 05 December 2021



Dirk van der Westhuizen will be performing from 14h00 until 16h00!


Dirk thought it well to create a word that has no meaning in any language and to give it the same meaning for everyone. "Zoepa is a word which must bring peace and fun, relaxed social gatherings with lots of laughter and dancing to mind when heard. Something that people from all languages can learn, say together and know it has the same meaning. I want it to create a feeling of togetherness between all people" explains Dirk. In addition to the bigger picture of peace between all, this song is also supposed to get us all excited about returning to a normal world where we can braai and dance together again. We are currently experiencing more freedom with the lifting of regulations. People have been sitting in their homes for months without being able to attend large gatherings, but we hope that the time is close to get together in larger groups and just celebrate life. Dust off your dancing shoes, because here comes a togetherness that will amaze the country!